In this index following the author’s name the full title of the subject is given as it ap- pears in the Journal. Editorials are also included in the list and are indicated by (£).


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—. Classification of streptococcus. I. Streptococci isolated from normal throats, classified by sugar fermen- tations, 587

—-. Classification of streptococcus. II. Streptococci isolated from influ- enza throats, classified by sugar fermentations, 591


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E 4

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—-. (See Masucci and Ewe), 609


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AND McLAuGHLIN, Georce D. A third model illustrating some phases of kidney secretion, 352

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—. Streptococcus immunity and immuni- zation (&), 130

—. The present status of our knowledge concerning the etiology of influ- enza (£), 543

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—. The early diagnosis of typhoid and paratyphoid infections, 255

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(See Owen and Martin),

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—-. The frontiers of thought (£), 620

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by), 384


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kuep, C. I. Chronic poisoning from hydro-

cyanic acid, 512

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the pelvis of the kidney—a study

in metaplasis, 635

Joun B. The alkalimetry of

whole blood—a preliminary study,



Repertck, C. E. Traumatic hemolysis and the syringe. method of blood col- lection, 457

! |


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—. A new urinometer, 542

Run, H. O. A new double-way syringe for use in intravenous medication, transfusion and aspiration, 123


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arsphenamine, 518 SeutHarD, E. E. Application of the prag- matic method to psychiatry, 139 STIVELMAN, B. The tuberculosis comple- ment-fixation test, 453 Stout, Auice L. (.Sce Hoskins and Stout), 307

SMITH, Warfield and


TANNER, Frep W. A laboratory chart for recording observations on micro- organisms, 792

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ing small inner tubes for Dun-

ham’s fermentation tubes, 128

KoOMANOSUKE. About a new stomach examiner, based on the

hydraulic principle, 178

Tocawa, Toxuji. Studies in the metabol- ic changes in experimental tetany, 299



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V VAUGHAN, Victor C. Agglutination of B.

anthracis (J:), 209 —. A medical man’s opinion concerning

universal military training (4), 407 j

—-. An attenuated tubercle vaccine (£), 812

—. A new book on pellagra (/), 339

—.. Dr. Elmer Ernest Southard (£), 342

—, Fatal anaphylaxis following the pro- phylactic administration of anti- tetanic serum (/:), 689

—. Fatigue of the nervous system (£), 615

—, Full time medical professors (£), 336

—.. Immunization against diphtheria by the employment of a_ toxin-anti- toxin mixture. A caution (£), 334

—-. Major General Gorgas, (/:), 749

~~. Medical veterans of the Worid War

(E), 337



Pellagra among Turkish and German prisoners of war in Egypt (£), 810

Recent work on vitamines (E), 682

Sex attraction, 114

Sir William Osler (£), 272

Staining tubercle bacilli (£), 475

The chemistry and physiology of memory (£), 554

The diagnosis of malaria (£), 690

The financial support of medical edu- cation (E£), 680

The international health board (£), 460

The prohibition experiment (£), 464

The required year of hospital work (E), 338

The spontaneous disappearance of yel- low fever from certain localities (E), 689

The spread of (E), 195

The teaching of preventive medicine in medical schools (£), 271

The treatment of gonorrhea (E), 468

The treatment of tuberculosis cervical adenitis (E£), 475

The tuberculosis problem in England (E), 469

Tuberculosis in the French during the war (£), 473

Typhoid fever in Flanders (£), 473

bacterial infection


VAUGHAN, WarrEN T. Classification of

spiral organisms (Spirochete, etc.) (E), 270

Constitutional visceroptosis (£), 199

Influenza (£), 403

Nonspecific immunity (£), 799

Pathology of influenza-pneumonia (E), 154

Pneumoperitoneum and diagnosis (£), 679

Significant phenomena of pandemics (E£), 754

The cause of resolution and crisis in pneumonia (£), 132

The cause of yellow fever (E), 266

The effects of the English hunger blockade on the German Children (E), 136

The mechanism of respiratory infec- tion (££), 629

The pathogenesis of pulmonary tuber- culosis (£), 340

The rationale of narcotic and anti- pyretic therapy (£), 762



—. The transmissions of respiratory in- fection (E), 330

—. Typhoid-paratyphoid (E), 628



Warp, H. C. (See Aldrich and Ward),


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—- and _ Studies on irritable heart. III. The value of exercise in the diag- nosis and the determination of the fitness of the irritable heart for military service, 81

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WELKER, WILLIAM H. A device for cen- trifugalization at low tempera- tures, 125

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Witson, Eric R. Blood sugar tolerance as an index in the early diagnosis and roentgen treatment of hyper- thyroidism, 730

—. Indicanuria and acetonuria of gastro- intestinal origin, 515

—. Variations in the Wassermann reac- tion, 670

Woo..Ey, PAut G. A simple apparatus for obtaining blood samples (£), 612

—-. Cancer among dye workers (£), 809

—. Drainage (£), 466

—. Fever (£), 133

—. Food poisoning (£), 197

—. Hemoglobin (£), 71

—. Infections and vaccines (E£), 546

—. Lethargic encephalitis (£), 622

—-. Prevention of goiter (E), 752

—. Report on epidemic and_ infectious diseases in Camp Devens, Mass., 28

—. The end results in cases of focal in- fections (&), 765

—. Tonsils and streptococci (£), 135

~-. Universal immunity to tuberculosis (2), 807

—. Variations in the Wassermann Reac- tion, 625




Abdominal adenomyoma, 220 diagnosis, and pneumoperitoneum, 679 Acetonuria, 151 and indicanuria of gastrointestinal orig- in, 515 Acid-fixing power of the blood, 668 Acidosis as result of anesthesia, 706 determination of degrees of, 79 in diabetes, 703 in nephritis, 703 ——- effect of, on the blood catalase, 9

Adenomyoma of the umbilicus, 218 Agglutination of B. anthracis, 269 Aibumin test, new qualitative, 459 Alcohol, action of, on the heart and respi- ration, 56 Alkalimetry of whole blood, 668 Ammonia, preformed, in the spinal fluid, 185 Anaphylaxis and allied phenomena in rela- tion to disease, 597 of serum sickness, leucocytes, 295, 671 fatal, following the prophylactic admin- istration of antitetanic serum, 689 Anesthesia, acidosis as a result of, 707 Autianaphylaxis, 600 Anticomplementary sera, Wassermann re- sults with, 327 Antigens for complement-fixation test, 789 Antiseptic action of soap in dish water, 507 Animal experimentation, etherizing device for, 745 tissue, action of chloretone on, 583 Aecrtic insufficiency, relation of, to Wassermann test, 47 Army Base hospitals to be held intact, 202 influenza, 365 venereal problem in, 93 Arsphenamine and neoarsphenamine, 518 relative value, 526 technic of administration, 521 Arthritis, uric acid in, 494 Ascites fluid, bacteriologic media contain- ing, 253 Aspiration, new double-way syringe for,


Attenuated tubercle vaccine, 812

B Bacillus bronchisepticus as cause of infec- tious respiratory disease of the

white rat, 307 influenza in normal and _ pathologic

throats, 653 Welchii, biochemical properties, 378 biology of, 374 cultural characteristics, 376 morphology, 374 pathogenic power, 381 serologic characteristics, 380

Bacterial anaphylaxis, 606 infection, spread of, 195 Bacteriologic data on the epidemiology of respiratory disease in the army, 503 media containing ascites fluid, prepara- tion of, 253 work, selection of sugars for, 609 Bacteriology and control of contagious nasal catarrh, 311 and pathology of encephalitis lethargica, 275 of influenza pneumonia, 170 Barron’s polychrom toluidin blue as sub- stitute for methylene blue in the esoin-methylene blue method of Mallory, 329 Bedsores, use of tethelin in a case of mul- tiple, 593 Bilharziasis in the light of modern experi- mental treatment, antimonial com- pounds, 189 Bile duct, relation of, to pancreatic duct in common domestic and laboratory animals, 203 classifications in importance of, 229 Biology of Bacillus Welchii, 374 Blood, alkalimetry of whole, 668 analysis, methods of, 423 catalase, effect of adrenalin on the, changes in gout, 346 in renal diabetes, 345 chemical changes in, in disease, 343, 418, 490, 566, 640, 700, 776 cholesterol, 776 collection, syringe method, hemolysis and, 457 counting pipettes, machine for shaking, 672 creatinine in, 566 pressure, action of pituitary extraction, 6 samples, simple apparatus for obtaining, 612 specimens, method of taking, 423 sugar, 641 estimation of, 647 tolerance as an index in the early diag- nosis of roentgen treatment of hyperthyroidism, 730 transfusion, rubber tubing as a factor in reaction to, 693 urea, 420 uric acid in, 490 Body temperature taken in freshly voided urine, 791 Botulism from canned ripe olives, 559 Brain lesions in encephalitis lethargica, 281 Bronchia, action of pituitary extracts on, 5 Bronchopneumonia type, 158

Biologic epidemiology,





Devens, epidemic and diseases at, 28 Cancer of the liver, primary, 528 among dye workers, 809 Canned ripe olives, botulism from, 559 Capillary circulation, researches on, 803 Carbohydrate tolerance tests, 646 Carbon dioxide combining power, 700 Carcinoma in the islets of the pancreas, histogenesis of, 429 Caucasian medical school, 202 Celloidin sacs, new method for preparation of, 458 Centrifugalization device for, at low tem- peratures, 125 Chart, laboratory, for recording observa- tions on microorganisms, 792 Chemical changes in the blood in disease, 343, 418, 490, 566, 640, 700, 776 Chemistry of arsphenamine, 520 and physiology of memory, 554 Cholelithiasis, blood changes in, 348 Cholesterol blood, 776 estimation of, 780 Chloretone, action of, on animal tissue, 583 Chloride metabolism, 713 Chloroform best preservative for Wasser- mann reagents, 62 Chronic poisoning from hydrocyanic acid, 512

Circulation, action of ethylenediamine on,

Camp infectious

Classification of streptococcus, 587, 591

Collection of urine from each kidney sep- arately in the dog, 384

Colorimeters, 350

Colorimetric methods of blood analysis,

Commercial pituitary extracts, pharmaco- logical action of, 1

Complement-fixation test, in 453, 784

Censtitutional visceroptosis, 199

Control of the respiratory center, 66

Centagious nasal catarrh of rabbits, bac- teriology and controi of; 311

Cretine content of the blood, 567

Creatinine, estimation of, 571

in the blood, 567 Crtoplasia, secondary, 436



“Delayed negative’ Wassermann reaction, 43

Device for withdrawing blood from veins, 257

Dextrose, purified, 609

Diabetes, acidosis in, 703

mellitus, blood changes in, 345 blood sugar in, 643

Diagnosis per exclusionem in ordine, 141

Diastatic activity of blood, estimation of, 649

Diet and drugs, influence on blood uric acid, 497


Diphtheria at Camp Devens, 41 toxin-antitoxin mixture in immunization against, 465 Double-way syringe for use in intravenous medicine, 123 Drainage, 466 Dye workers, cancer among, 809


Ectopic adenomyoma of uterine type, 218 Egg white infections, effect of, on dog, 285 Empyema and pleural effusions, 163 Emulsified fats and stains, 147 Encephalitis lethargica, 618, 622 bacteriology and pathology of, 275 Lange reaction in, 613 Endocrine conditions, blood sugar in, 645 English hunger blockade, effects of, on German children, 136 Epidemic and infectious diseases in Camp Devens, Mass., 28 Epidemiology, importance of biologic class- ifications in, 229 of influenza-pneumonia, 364 of respiratory disease in the army, bac- teriologic data on, 502 Etherizing device for use in animal exper- imentation, 745 Ethylenediamine, action of, 477 toxicity of, 478 Etiology of influenza, 543 Experimental investigation of pituitary ex- tracts of histamine, 1


Fatigue of the nervous system, 615

Fatty degeneration in diabetes, 149

Fecal examination, limitations of flotation method of, 386

Feces, simple method for determining the reaction of, 61

Feeding rabbits by stomach sound, 797

Fermentation tubes, Dunham’s, method for making small inner tubes, 128

Fever, 133

Filtration of serum, selection of kiesel- guhr for, 538 ; Financial support of medical education,

Fietation method of fecal examination, limitations of, 286

Focal infections, end results in cases of, 765

toxic infection, treated with nonspecific

protein therapy, 91

Food poisoning, 197

Frontiers of thought, 620

Function of the thymus gland, 50

Functional pathology of surgical shock, 261


Gas poisoning, respiratory studies made on late stages of, 411

Gastric movements, method of demonstra- ting, 674

Gastrointestinal origin of indicanuria and acetonuria, 515


Glycogen and acids, 148 and emulsion, 146 in disease, 149 relation of, to pathologic changes in pan- creatic diabetes, 146 Glycosuria, relation of, to hyperglycemia at the threshold point, 641 Goiter, prevention of, 752 Gonorrhea, treatment of, 468 Gergas, Major General, 749 Gout, blood changes in, 346 uric acid in, 494 Government needs physicians, 409 Graham’s dialysis experiments, 207


Hallucinations, localization of, 657 Heart, action of alcohol on the, 56 irritable, 75

Hecht-Weinberg-Gradwohl modification oi the Wassermann test, 244

Hemoglobin, 71

Hemostatic agents, 574

Hexamethylenamine interferes for indoxyl in urine, 257

Histamine, action of, 1

and pituitary extracts, comparative ac-

tion, l

Histogenesis of carcinoma in the islets of the pancreas, 429

Hospital work, required year of, 338

Human embryological material, appeal for, 137

Hydrocyanic acid, chronic poisoning from, 513

Hyperglycemia, 150

Hyperthyroidism, blood sugar tolerance as an index in the early diagnosis and roentgen treatment of, 730

with tes:


Ice-box fixation method in performance of the Wassermann reaction, 232 Immunity, nonspecific, 799 Inimunization against diphtheria by the employment of a _ toxin-antitoxin mixture, 334 streptococcus, 130 Indicanuria and actonuria of gastrointes- tinal origin, 515 Infections and vaccines, 546 Infectious and epidemic diseases in Camp Devens, Mass., 29 respiratory disease, bacillus bronchisep- ticus as cause of, 307 Infective arthritis, nonspecific therapy, 88 Influenza, 403 at Camp Devens, 40 bacillus in normal and pathologic throats 652 etiology of, 543 incidence of streptococcus hemolyticus in recent epidemic of, 76 laboratory research, 370 pandemics, significant phenomena, 754


Influenza—Con't pneumonia, bacteriology of, 170 epidemiology of, 364 pathology of, 154 International health board, 460 Interstitial bronchopneumonia, 159 Intravendus medication, new double-way syringe for, 123 Involution-melancholia, 144 Irritable heart, etiology of, 77 exercise in case of, 81 value of, in diagnosis, 82 results of, 82 methods of studying, 76 terminology, 75 Iritis, toxic, nonspecific protein therapy in,

Islets of Langerhans, 432

K Kidney, leukoplakia of the pelvis of, 635 secretion, second model illustrating some phases of, 207 third model illustrating some phases of, 352 Kieselguhr, selection of, for the filtration of serums, 538


Laboratory chart for recording observa- tions in microorganisms, 792

Lactose, purified, 610

Lange reaction in encephalitis lethargica, 613

Lethargic encephalitis, 622

Leucocytes in anaphylaxis of serum sick- ness, 295, 671

Leukoplakia of the pelvis of the kidney, 635

Lipemia, 153

Literature on function of the thymus gland, 50

Liver, primary cancer of the, 528

Lebular bronchopneumonia, 160

Localization of hallucinations, 657

Lung extracts, toxicity of, 319


Machine for shaking blood counting pi- pettes, 672 Malaria, diagnosis of, 690 Measles at Camp Devens, 35 Mechanism of respiratory infection, 629 Medical education, financial support of, 686 man’s opinion concerning universal mil- itary training, 407 professors, full time, 336 veterans of the World War, 337 Memory, chemistry and physiology of, 554 Meningitis at Camp Devens, 40 Meningococcus sepsis, choice of sera in treatment of, 176 Metabolic changes in experimental tetany,

Metabolism, chloride, 713


Metal salts, heavy, effects of, upon a pro- tein and reversal of such effects, 443

Metaplasia, a study in, 635

Microorganisms, laboratory chart for re- cording observations on, 792

Military training, universal, medical man’s opinion concerning, 407

Morphine, detection and estimation of dis- tribution of, 321

Mumps at Camp Devens, 41


Narcotic and antipyretic therapy, 762 Nasal catarrh, of rabbits, bacteriology and control of, 311 Nasopharyngeal cultures in epidemic, 769 Neoarsphenamine and arsphenamine, 518

Nervous system, fatigue of the, 615 Nephritis, acidosis in, 703

blood changes in, 346

blood sugar in, 644

uric acid in, 492 Ncurosyphilis and general paresis, 142 Nicotine, poisoning by, 213 Nonspecific immunity, 799

protein therapy, &8& Noenprotein and urea

blood, 418

nitrogen, in blood, estimation of, 424

Nutrition experiments with rats, 735


nitrogen, in the


Olives, canned ripe, botulism from, 559 Open air treatment, science of, 392 Osler, Sir William, 272 Oxygen, therapeutic value of, 549


Pancreas, embryology, 429 Pancreatic diabetes, relation of glycogen to pathologic changes in, 146 duct, relation of, to common bile duct, 203 duct system, 431 Paratyphoid and typhoid fever at Mesves hospital center, 54 infections, early diagnosis of, 355 Pathogenesis of pulmonary tyberculosis, 340 Pathogenic anaerobes, studies on, 374 Pathology of chloride metabolism, 718 of influenza pneumonia, 154 Pellegra, new book on, 339 among Turkish and German prisoners of War in Egypt, 810 Pernicious anemia, blood changes in, 349 Pituitary extracts and histamine, compara- tive actions, 1 action on bronchials, 4 commercial, pharmacological ties of, 1 liquid, 10 Plasmogenesis, studies in, 110



Pleural effusions and empyema, 163 Pneumonia at Camp Devens, 37 cause of resolution and crisis in, 132 lobar type, 161 Pneumoperitoneum and abdominal nosis, 679 Poisoning by nicotine, 213 from hydrocyanic acid, 512 food, 197 -*ragmatic method, application of, to psy- chiatry, 139


Preformed ammonia in the spinal fluid, 185

Preservation of specimens, new method for, 126

Preservative for Wassermann reagents, 62 Prevention of goiter, 752 Preventive medicine, teaching of, in medi- cal schools, 271 Prognostic value of blood creatinine, 568 Prohibition experiment, 464 Prostatic obstruction, blood changes in, 348 Protein, effects of heavy metal salts upon, 443 fever, 285 therapy, some uses of nonspecific, 88 Psychiatry, and clinical neurology, 140 applications of pragmatic method to, 13% Pulmonary edema, 156 tuberculosis, early diagnosis of, 626


Qualitative albumin test, new, 459


Rats, nutrition experiments with, 735 Reaction of feces, a simple method determining, 61 Rectovaginal adenomyoma, 226 Renal diabetes, blood changes in, 345 blood sugar in, 642 Researches on the capillary circulation, 803 Respiration, action of alcohol on the, 56 Respiratory center, recent work on control of, 66 diseases in the army, bacteriologic data on epidemiology of, 502 infection, 629 transmissions, 330 : studies made on late stages of gas pois- oning, 411 Rubber tubing as a factor in reaction to the blood. transfusion, 693


carlet fever at Camp Devens, 41 econd model illustrating some phases of r


kidney secretion, 207

era, choice of, in treatment of meningo- coccus sepsis, 176

Serum sickness, leucocytes in anaphylaxis

of, 295 Sewage at Camp Devens, 29 Sex attraction, 114 protection of school girl against, 117 education in, 116



Sex—Con’t hygiene, teaching, 118, 119 influence of, on life, 115 in lower forms of life, 114 Shaker, laboratory, 128 Sigmoid, adenomyoma of, 221 Snuffles of rabbits, bacteriology and con- trol of, 311 Southard, Dr. Elmer Ernest, 342 Spinal fluid, preformed ammonia in, 185 Spiral organisms, classification of, 270 Sphincter at the duodenal end of the com- mon bile duct, toxicity of, 107 Spirochetes, 273 Staining tubercle bacilli, 475 Stomach examiner based on principle, 178 sound, feeding rabbits by, 797 Stopcock-needle-cannula, 540 Streptococci and tonsils, 135 occurrence of, in other than pathologic conditions, 587 Streptococcus, classification of, 587, 591 hemolyticus, incidence of, in recent epi- demic of influenza, 767 type of, found in recent influenza epi- demic, 773 immunity and immunization, 130

Sugar, blood, 641


Sugars for bacteriologic work, selection of, 609

Surgical shock, functional pathology of, 261

Syphilis among officers and civilians, per- centage, 104 incidence of, among white and colored

troops, 93 T Tetany, experimental, metabolic changes in, 299 Tethelin in a case of multiple bedsores, 593

Therapeutic value of oxygen, 549 ~ Thymus gland, function of, 50 Tobacco, effect of, on vascular wall, 534 Tonicity of the sphincter at the duodenal end of the common bile duct, 107 Tonsils and streptococci, 135 Toxin-antitoxin mixture for immunization against diphtheria, 334, 465 Texicity of ethylenediamine, 481 of lung extracts, 319 Transfusion, new double-way syringe fox, 123 Traumatic hemolysis and the syringe meth- od of blood collection, 457 and the Wassermann reaction, 259 Tuberculosis cervical adenitis, treatment, 475 complement-fixation test, 453, 784 in the French army during the war, 473 problem in England, 469 pulmonary, early diagnosis of, 626 universal, immunity to, 807



Typhoid fever in Flanders, 473 and paratyphoid fever at Mesves hospi- tal center, 54 infections, early diagnosis of, 255 relationships, 628 U Umbilical adenomyoma, 218 Unicellular organism, reproduction in, 115 Unity of insanity, 140 Universal immunity to tuberculosis, 807 Urea nitrogen in blood, estimation of, 427 and nonprotein in the blood, 418 Uric acid in the blood, 490 Urine, ~—— temperature in freshly voided, 79 collection of, from each kidney sepa- rately in the dog, 384 Urinometer, new, 542 Uterine type of ectopic adenomyoma, 218 Uveal tract, inflammation of, treated with nonspecific protein therapy, 91 V Vaccine, attenuated tubercle, 812 Vaccines and infections, 546 Valvular lesions, relation of aortic insuf- ficiency to, 48 Variations in Wassermann reaction, 625 Vascular wall, effect of tobacco on, 534 Venereal disease in relation to marriage, 120 problem in the army, 93 Ventilation and open air treatment, science of, 392

Visceroptosis, constitutional, 199 Vitamines, recent work on, 682


Wassermann reaction, delayed negative, 43 and traumatic hemolysis, 259 ice-box method of fixation, 232 variations in, 625, 670 reagents, preservative for, 62 results with anticomplementary sera, 327

test, and Hecht - Weinberg - Gradwohl modification, comparative study, 244

at Camp Funston, 95 relation of aortic insufficiency to, 47 collection of complement, 99 collection of specimens, 98 ; complement, native, time of inactiva- tion of, 95

expression of results, 100 inactivating and incubating baths, 99 on spinal fluids, 105

Water supply at Camp Devens, 30

y Yellow fever, cause of, 266

spontaneous disappearance of, certain localities, 689